2018 Supporters
This list reflects commitments as of February 5, 2018.

ASCO is seeking volunteers with a commitment to education who want the expertise and leadership skills to enhance the ASCO learning portfolio as well as medical education overall.

Participants in the selective yearlong program will

  • Join a community of education scholars,
  • Undergo learning science training,
  • Design an ASCO education activity based on learning theory and learning science,
  • Become medical education leaders, and
  • Undertake leadership training by our LDP leadership coach.

Program Objectives

Participants will

  • Understand cognitive science and adult learning theory and apply it to an ASCO learning activity (with the intent to integrate the activity into ASCO’s education portfolio);
  • Engage in leadership development activities with an executive leadership coach;
  • Develop expertise in the design of education activities;
  • Advance medical education within ASCO, their institution and the medical community as a whole; and
  • Serve on an ASCO focused education committee or planning group to lead the integration of learning science into additional programs/activities after completion of the Education Scholars Program.

If you have any questions regarding the Education Scholars Program or application process, please email ASCO Professional Development staff or call 571-483-1390.

Program Details and Eligibility 

Participants in the yearlong Education Scholars Program (ESP) will learn valuable leadership skills aimed at enhancing the ASCO learning portfolio and overall medical education. This program requires a time commitment for travel and training.

Positions Available

There will be up to 12 participants selected annually.

Program Format

This is a year-long program comprised of three components:

  1. Four three-day training sessions at ASCO Headquarters. Each session will be 2 days of learning science and 1 day of leadership training.
  2. Monthly conference calls with education coach and team members.
  3. Participation in an independent learning project, where you will be asked to design an ASCO education activity incorporating learning science theory.

ASCO reimburses participants for housing and travel costs related to attendance at Education Scholars meetings and activities, excluding the Annual Meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be an ASCO member beyond final specialty training in order to apply for the Education Scholars Program.

To initiate an application, please visit the Easygrants website. Read the Application Guidelines for more information. 

Online Application

Applications for the 2018-2019 cycle are now closed.