What are the registration requirements to participate in ASCO's Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) as a fellowship program?​

In order to register as a fellowship program on the QOPI site, you will need to do the following:

  • Provide ASCO member ID for the training program administrator, medical director, or other representative of the fellowship program.
  • Sign the consent, along with a Data Use Agreement.
  • Answer questions about participation in QOPI. For example, are you participating voluntarily? Do you consent to the methodology used for fellows? Will you participate in two rounds of QOPI, etc.?
  • Provide practice specific information. This includes name, address, and practice characteristics (number of medical oncologists, number of new patients seen annually, practice affiliation.) Please include "Fellow" or "Fellowship" in the practice name to facilitate identification of the fellowship programs.
  • Fill out key participation information. This includes corresponding physician name and email, administrator name and email, abstractor's name and email, and fellows' names and emails.
  • Provide logins and passwords for each registered participant.

To participate in the Fall data collection, practices and fellowship programs must be registered by late August. To participate in the Spring data collection, practices must register by late February. Programs only need to register one time to be eligible to participate in multiple data collection periods.

Do I need IRB approval to participate in QOPI as an academic center?

QOPI collects de-identified data for quality assessment and improvement rather than research. This means that most practices and institutions do not require IRB approval for participation. Each institution, however, must determine its own requirements and plan for sufficient time to gain approval, if required.

How many charts are required per fellow or fellowship program to participate?

Target sample size is based on the number of medical oncologist FTE at a particular office/clinic location.

For sample size targets for Fall 2007, see the list below. Please see the QOPI User Manual for a detailed explanation of chart selection methodology.



Select 2 at a minimum

Target # Charts Per Site
# medical oncologist clinical FTE
1 2-3 4-6 7 or more
Disease Specific  
Breast cancer 24 32 34 40
Colon and rectal cancer 24 32 34 40
Lung cancer 24 32 34 40
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 24 32 34 40
Domain Specific  
Care at End of Life 24 32 34 40
Clinical Trial Assessment 24 32 34 40
Sympton / Toxicity Management 24 32 34 40
Total for 2 Modules 48 64 68 80


We recommend that you base the number of charts on the percentage of time fellows spend treating patients. For example, say you have seven fellows who may participate in QOPI. Combined, those seven fellows treat patients three full days a week. This would equate to .6 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) physicians, so you could use 1 FTE sample sizes. In this scenario, if only two modules were selected, then 48 charts (24 per module) is the requirement. This equals roughly seven charts per fellow over the 5 week collection period. We do recommend that physicians/fellows do not abstract their own charts.

What is the time requirement for a fellow to participate in QOPI?

Based on feedback from participants, the following are average time requirement estimates:

  • Time to identify and pull chart: 6 minutes
  • Time to abstract data: 25 minutes
  • Time to enter data in web tool: 15 minutes
  • Total time per chart: 46 minutes

How long is the data collection period open?

Five weeks.

Will I receive reports for each fellow who participates in the program?

Generally, reports for the fellows are provided as a collective group given the small sample size of charts. However, you may like to receive reports for each fellow. If so, go to the QOPI Data Entry and Reporting Tool. Then, for each abstracted chart, select the fellow’s name from the dropdown menu. Names are pre-entered into the tool. For each fellow, the target sample size would be 48 charts (24 per module). The program director may choose to adjust target sample size based on FTE estimation for the fellows.

Please contact QOPI with any questions.