New: Summary of Updates to Common Rule for Researchers

The Department of Health and Human Services finalized updates to the Common Rule last January and ASCO has developed a summary of key provisions and changes to help institutions and cancer researchers prepare for the changes. The revised Common Rule goes into effect on July 19, 2018. For more information and to access the summary document, visit ASCO in Action.

Theme Announced: Research Community Forum 2018 Meeting

The theme for the 2018 ASCO Research Community Forum Annual Meeting has been announced: "Innovative Solutions. Best Practices. Excellence in Cancer Research." The 2018 meeting will be held September 23-24, 2018 at ASCO Headquarters in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Registration will open in May. Stay tuned to the Forum Annual Meeting page for more information. 

Howard A. "Skip" Burris III, MD, FACP, FASCO, Elected ASCO President for 2019-2020 Term

ASCO Research Community Forum (RCF) Council member, and former RCF Chair, Howard A. "Skip" Burris III, MD, FACP, FASCO has been elected to serve as the President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology for the term beginning in June 2019. Dr. Burris is a long-time ASCO and RCF contributor and has served in various roles on ASCO’s volunteer committees, in addition to serving on the ASCO Board of Directors and Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Board of Directors. For more information, read the article on ASCO Connection.

Need Help Determining Insurance Coverage of Clinical Trials?

An RCF Working Group has developed an Insurance Coverage of Clinical Trials Toolkit, containing sample checklists, templates, and forms to assist research sites with effectively determining insurance coverage of clinical trials, dealing with coverage denials, and navigating the appeals process. The Toolkit was developed in conjunction with a hands-on training workshop held at the ASCO Research Community Forum 2017 Annual Meeting. To access the Toolkit, please contact ASCO Research Community Forum staff.

Tools and Resources are Impacting Research Programs

Research sites from across the United States and internationally continue to access the tools developed through the Forum. There have been over 250 downloads of the ASCO Research Program Quality Assessment Tool and over 200 research programs registered to use the ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool. Check out the Projects & Tools for more information.

Latest Articles

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  • Centralizing Coverage Analyses for Multi-Site Clinical Trials: Description of Journal of Oncology Practice (JCO) article reporting findings from a collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that explored centralizing the development of coverage analyses for multi-site cancer clinical trials. (May 2017)
  • ASCO-AACI Best Practices Initative: Description of Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) article reporting the outcome of an ASCO-AACI workshop. The workshop focused on administrative and regulatory burdens in conducting cancer clinical trials and findings from the resulting stakeholder survey. (September 2016)
  • Research Contract Negotiations: Description of Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) article reporting findings from a Research Community Forum survey and Recommendations for Improvements. (May 2016)
  • ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Project: Description of JOP article reporting on assessment of 51 research sites. The Forum-developed Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool was found to be easy and effective. (March 2016)

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