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The CancerLinQ Discovery® Research Support Grant is a new grant that aims to inform ASCO about the impact of its guidelines, quality measures, and educational programs, and help generate the evidence necessary to support its policy and advocacy priorities. The grant support will provide access, as well as training from ASCO mentors, to conduct research on CancerLinQ Discovery® for early- and mid-career clinical oncology and health service researchers to facilitate the adoption, use, and dissemination of real-world evidence in support of ASCO’s mission.

CancerLinQ Discovery® is a service that provides access to high-quality, de-identified datasets from the CancerLinQ platform for use by non-profit organizations, health care providers, academic researchers, and government agencies. The objective is to leverage this de-identified data from an ever-growing number of patients into real-world insights that can drive research to improve the overall quality of cancer care.

The top research proposals will be selected and fully funded—as many meritorious awards as funds permit. Those selected will exhibit high scientific merit and align with the overall ASCO mission of conquering cancer through research, education, and promotion of the highest-quality patient care. The objective is to foster an individual’s professional oncology research focus on the appropriate and effective use of real-world data and generate practical knowledge that will improve cancer care.

Each CancerLinQ Discovery Research Support Grant is a one-year grant totaling $32,500 to cover the costs of the CancerLinQ Discovery® data set and a kickoff meeting at ASCO headquarters and contribute to personnel and/or research expenses. All grant recipients will be expected to publish their work in top-tier medical journals.

Research topics may include—but are not limited to—adoption of treatment guidelines across the U.S.; development of quality measures with the highest impact for clinical care; measuring the impact of educational programs on clinical practice; supportive evidence for informing ASCO policy priorities; or novel research on other topics.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a doctoral degree (including but not limited to MD, DO, PharmD, or PhD)
  • Have completed final subspecialty training after 2009 for a PhD or PharmD and 2014 for an MD or DO
  • Be planning an investigative career in clinical oncology or health services research with a focus in oncology
  • Have a mentor in the proposed research field at their respective institutions
  • Do not hold another active grant from Conquer Cancer, ASCO’s foundation
  • Be an active ASCO member
  • Be based in a U.S. practice or institution
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Application Instructions

All applications must be submitted in accordance to the requirements and instructions of the CancerLinQ Discovery® Research Support Grants: Using CancerLinQ’s Real-World Data to Advance the ASCO Mission Request for Proposals (RFP)

All application materials must be in English and must be submitted through the Grants Portal. Paper applications or applications sent by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.

For eligibility and other program related questions, please contact

For grants portal related questions, please contact


The CancerLinQ Discovery® Research Support Grant is supported by: