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About the Awards

The awards recognize extraordinary female leaders in oncology and role models who have excelled as a mentor and have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the professional development of women colleagues as clinicians, educators, and researchers in oncology. The awards seek to recognize and promote the work of women mentors in oncology and, ultimately, narrow career gender disparities through the mentorship and professional development of women oncology professionals.

Two awards are presented annually:

  • Hologic, Inc Endowed WWCC Mentorship Award (U.S. based recipient)
  • International WWCC Mentorship Award

The Women Who Conquer Cancer (WWCC) is a program of Conquer Cancer that is designed to offer critical support to young women in cancer research to help them build their careers and stay in the field. Mentors play a critical role in the development of the next generation of oncologists. The Mentorship Awards signals ASCO and Conquer Cancer’s commitment to women oncology professionals by recognizing women who have dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to advance the career of oncology professionals.

Award winners will receive:
  • Recognition at the Conquer Cancer Grants & Awards Ceremony during the ASCO Annual Meeting
  • Complimentary ASCO Annual Meeting Registration
  • Travel support to attend the Annual Meeting (airfare, hotel, meals, transportation)
  • Award plaque
Expectations for Award Winners
  • Attendance at Conquer Cancer Grants & Awards Ceremony during the ASCO Annual Meeting to receive Award
  • Agree to be featured in ASCO Annual Meeting materials and WWCC materials
  • All eligible nominees will also be recognized in WWCC materials and on the Conquer Cancer website.


Nominations must be submitted by a colleague with personal knowledge of the nominee's mentoring activities.

Eligibility Criteria for Nominees:

  • Must be a female ASCO member (all disciplines)
  • Must have had a sustained record of mentoring over time

The nomination requires providing answers to the following questions:  

  1. Why should the nominee be awarded? Describe in detail the exceptional mentoring abilities of the nominee and what distinguishes the nominee from other outstanding mentors. 
  2. Explain what this nominee has done to guide, support and promote training and development of their mentees.


  • Required. Nominee's Curriculum Vitae or Bio (5-page maximum)
  • Required. A minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation/testimonials from mentees of the nominee over the past 5 years. Letters must be dated and signed (2-page limit per letter). The letter should explain the qualities that the mentor possessed, the behaviors she exhibited to be considered an "outstanding" mentor and the demonstrated impact on the mentee’s academic and/or professional development. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. It is also helpful to provide specific anecdotes and examples.
  • Optional. Additional Letters of Support – the nomination can include up to three additional letters of support from colleagues of the nominee or individuals who can attest to the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments (e.g., teaching colleagues, department chair, former students). The letters should describe how the nominee has aided the scientific careers of individuals who were mentored by nominee and their subsequent achievements, the participation of the nominee in organized activities aimed at promoting the careers of junior investigators, or efforts of the nominee to support the development of the next generation of cancer researchers
  • Optional. Other supporting documentation – the nomination can include articles, stories, videos that show the nominee’s commitment and contributions to mentoring. You may upload the actual materials, or if the materials are available online you can upload a document that contains the links to the materials.

Upon request, nominations from the previous year may be carried over to current year for consideration. Nominations may only be carried over for 1 year. Please contact to request a past nomination to be carried over.


Nominations will be evaluated by the Women Who Conquer Cancer (WWCC) Committee based on the overall strength of the nomination and on how the nominee exemplified elements including, but not limited to:  

  • Demonstrating concern and support to the personal development of mentees
  • Encouraging career growth and development
  • Offering professional guidance
  • Exhibiting positive role modeling
  • Demonstrating a long-term commitment to mentoring

ASCO and Conquer Cancer Board Members and Officers are not eligible to receive Special Awards from the time they are elected through the end of the calendar year in which their Board terms conclude. Members of the Women Who Conquer Cancer Committee are not eligible to receive the WWCC Mentorship Awards during their service on the WWCC Committee. 

Questions regarding eligibility of a candidate may be sent to prior to submitting a nomination.



Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Dawn L. Hershman, MD, MS, FASCO
Columbia University Medical Center

International Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Lillian L. Siu, MD, FRCPC, FASCO
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Lynn M. Schuchter, MD, FASCO
University of Pennsylvania

International Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Verna Vanderpuye, MBChB
National Center for Radiotherapy, Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at Korlebu Teaching Hospital, Ghana 

Women Who Conquer Cancer Tribute Award
Arti Hurria, MD, FASCO
City of Hope


Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Lori J. Pierce, MD, FASCO, FASTRO
University of Michigan Medical Center

International Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Rejin Kebudi, MD
Istanbul University, Turkey


Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Elizabeth J. Shpall, MD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

International Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award
Mary Gospodarowicz, MD
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada


Sarah S. Donaldson, MD, FASCO
Stanford University School of Medicine



The Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award is supported by:

The International WWCC Mentorship Award is supported by:


This list reflects commitments as of May 27, 2020.