Oncology Clinician Well-Being Roadmap Provides Five-Year Plan to Address Provider Burnout

February 26, 2021

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recently released the ASCO Oncology Clinician Well-Being Task Force Roadmap. The document outlines a five-year plan to improve the quality of cancer care by enhancing the wellbeing of oncology clinicians and sustainability of oncology practices.

The roadmap’s specific goals include promoting clinician well-being across ASCO activities, broadening and diversifying resources that support well-being among oncology professionals, and promoting research that identifies clinician and practice needs for optimal well-being. Ultimately, the plan aims for cancer care delivery in clinical and research environments where patients, clinicians, and practices thrive.

ASCO’s Oncology Clinician Well-Being Task Force defines clinician well-being as an integrative concept that characterizes quality of life encompassing an individual's work- and personal health-related environmental, organizational, and psychosocial factors. To experience well-being is to feel satisfied with one's clinical work, to find meaning in that work, and to experience professional growth and fulfillment.

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