ASCO Tool Found to be an Effective and Easy Way to Manage and Monitor Clinical Trial-Associated Workload

March 22, 2016

The ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool, developed by ASCO’s Community Research Forum (CRF) and released in October 2014, is a unique Tool to assess clinical trial-associated workload, based on the complexity of research protocols and the number of patients. The Tool enables research site administrators to more effectively monitor and manage staff capacity, productivity, and needs. It also provides reports specific to protocols, sites, and staff. An article was published on March 22 in the Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) that summarizes findings from a pilot study conducted prior to the Tool’s release, which included 51 community-based research sites. The findings demonstrated that the Tool is easy to use and supported its long-term feasibility and utility for research sites.

Since its release, over 200 research sites have utilized the ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool; from both community- and academic-based research sites across the US and internationally from 10 countries. The Tool is available for free through the CRF website. The website also provides several other resources developed by the CRF to help researchers conduct and manage clinical trials, including the ASCO Research Program Quality Assessment Tool and an online repository of resources.

Read the full article in JOP.