The purpose of conducting a needs assessment is not only to identify and address deficiencies, but also to recognize resources that may already be available. The assessment should be conducted as part of the survivorship care program planning process in order to establish:

  • A clear picture of which services are readily available
  • Who can provide the services
  • Which resources are necessary but not in place

It is important to understand that while the model of care delivery will define which resources are needed, the needs assessment will help determine which model of care delivery is most feasible for your facility. Further, the patient population served by your facility will significantly define which services are needed within your survivorship care program. The vital first step in the process is to identify the stakeholders who can most appropriately and fully answer the questions. You are encouraged to include patients or patient advocates in the process to ensure the program will best suit the needs of your survivor population.

View the needs assessment. The questions within the needs assessment are designed to assist with the identification of strengths and weaknesses that exist within the practice or care center, and the surrounding community which can then be used to develop the strategy to plan and implement a survivorship care program.