The ASCO Oncology Summer Internship (OSI) is an immersive summer pilot program for rising second year medical students from populations underrepresented in medicine (URiM).

The OSI is designed as a 4-week program to be implemented in the summer break between the first and second year of medical school. Activities will take place five days per week, Monday – Friday, during each week of the program.

OSI Program Overview

The OSI curriculum components are outlined below.

Virtual Education Seminar: Mix of synchronous and asynchronous format (Daily)

  • Scholars watch oncology seminar videos and participate in live Zoom discussion sessions.
  • ASCO develops and leads seminars.

Mentoring and Physician Shadowing (Daily)*

  • Scholars shadow and meet one-on-one with local oncology professionals.
  • Institution identifies faculty, develops schedule, and determines format.

Networking Lunches (2-3 per week) *

  • Intimate forum for scholars to network with and learn from local leaders in medicine.
  • ASCO provides funding and institution coordinates these activities, determines format, and identifies topic based on local circumstances.

Social Events (Weekly)*

  • Build a sense of community amongst scholars.
  • ASCO provides funding and institution identifies and coordinates activity based on local circumstances.

ASCO Assigned Background Materials & Discussion Questions (Daily)

  • Scholars review assigned background materials (readings, videos, etc.) and discussion questions to prepare for seminars.
  • ASCO identifies and assigns content as well as discussion questions.

*NOTE: Activity format (in-person vs. virtual) and feasibility of hosting these activities should be determined by the institution. To determine the feasibility of hosting any in-person events, please consider current COVID-19 circumstances in the local area and look to any local, state, and institution policies related to social distancing and hosting in-person events.

2021 Pilot Program

The ASCO OSI program will launch at select medical schools in the United States as a pilot program in Summer 2021. Pilot participation will be limited. ASCO will select medical schools based on the institution’s demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, ability to implement the program, and number of eligible URiM students who enroll in the program.

The host-site application for the Summer 2021 pilot program is now closed.

Application & Selection Timeline

  • Institutions Apply to Participate as host-site for 2021 Pilot: October 1 – November 2, 2020
  • ASCO Notifies Selected Institutions: November 2020
  • Selected Institutions Notify Eligible Students about OSI Program: December 2020
  • Students Indicate Interest in Participating: December 2020 – January 2021
  • Deadline for Students to Enroll in OSI Program: February 2021

The OSI should be implemented as a cohort program and as such, institutions must have at least three scholars who enroll in the program to participate in the 2021 pilot program.

Please contact ASCO Professional Development with questions.


This program is funded through Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation, by this generous donor: