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ASCO University Courses

  • Cancer Genetics Program
    This 10-module program is designed to increase knowledge in the area of hereditary cancer genetics. The course provides a comprehensive collection on an array of topics related to the genetic cancer risk assessment process.
  • Genetics and Genomics for the Practicing Clinician: ASCO 2015 Annual Meeting Seminar
    This seminar is designed for physicians and those involved in patient care addressing cancer genetics and tumor genomics. (Approximate time for completion: 5 hours)
  • Molecular Oncology Tumor Boards
    The Molecular Oncology Tumor Boards are a series of monthly user-driven discussions designed to help cancer care providers with the interpretation and understanding of tumor molecular profiling tests and studies. Moderated by an expert pathologist and medical oncologist, each case is updated with new information over a two-week period as user comments are added.

ASCO Symposia and Annual Meetings

Other Educational Opportunities

City of Hope: Cancer Genetics Education Program
Educational courses and self-teaching tools for professionals in the fields of cancer and cancer genetics.

Expert-authored, peer-reviewed disease descriptions that apply genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of patients and families with specific inherited conditions.

National Cancer Institute: Cancer Genetics Overview (PDQ)
Basic information about the role of genetics in cancer risk.

Women's Health Provider Education Initiative
Offered through Bright Pink, this free lecture and case study discussion focuses on comprehensive risk stratification and management for prevention of breast and ovarian cancer. The lecture focuses specifically  on the need to provide this care for young women.

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