Clinical Trial Resources

This library of resources was compiled to centralize resources related to conducting and managing clinical trials. The resources are particularly helpful for physician investigators and research staff. A Working Group of the Research Community Forum, representing a range of community research stakeholder groups with a wealth of experience, compiled this list to help make it easier for research sites to find needed resources. Decisions to include resources were solely based on the Working Group’s own go-to resources, consultation with colleagues, and an environmental scan of available resources on these topics. Resources from commercial, for-profit entities are generally excluded from the library. The items listed are not necessarily endorsed by ASCO; they are listed based on the discretion and expertise of the Working Group.

Please note: that this content is in the process of being updated and reformatted.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically. Your feedback is welcomed! If you have ideas for content to add or edit, please email your suggestions to the Research Community Forum.

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