ASCO Guidelines Methodology Manual

To learn more about the ASCO guideline development process, access the full ASCO Guideline Methodology Manual.

ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines are evidence-based products based off a systematic review of the literature and uses an evidence-based consensus approach to guideline development. ASCO also has a process for consensus-based guideline development for clinical questions which lack sufficient evidence. ASCO Guidelines are reviewed by ECRI Guidelines Trust® for adherence to the Institure of Medicine standards for trustworthy guidelines.

ASCO Guidelines Conflict of Interest Policy

ASCO requires conflict of interest (COI) disclosure by individuals involved in drafting, reviewing, and approving guideline recommendations and sets limits on the financial relationships that panel members and reviewers can have with companies that could reasonably be affected by care delivered in accordance with guideline recommendations. ASCO's Conflict of Interest Policy Implementation for Clinical Practice Guidelines provides details on the management of potential COI through each phase of guideline development.

All funding for ASCO-led guideline projects is provided by ASCO.

Resource-Stratified Guidelines

ASCO also develops Resource-Stratified Guidelines to increase guidance on cancer prevention and care around the world by addressing variations in the availability of resource. Read more on the methods and opportunities for ASCO Resource-Stratified Guidelines in our JCO GO article.

Opportunities for Collaboration


Upon or nearing completion of a guideline, participating organizations may request an advance copy to consider for endorsement. Anyone reviewing ASCO guideline manuscripts is asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A list of guidelines in development can be found on the Guidelines in Development page. ASCO considers endorsement of high-quality guidelines from other organizations. If you have an Endorsement Request, please complete the ASCO Guideline Endorsement Request Form.

Official Representative Requests

Organizations may request official ASCO representatives to serve on an expert panel for a guideline to be developed by their organization. Organizations should strive to follow standards for guideline development that have been established by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM). To request Official ASCO Representatives, please complete the ASCO Representative Form and submit it to