ASCO maintains an expansive repository of information that qualified individuals and organizations may request for research purposes. Subject to the Information Sharing Policy of ASCO, ASCO will evaluate requests and determine whether to provide the requested information. ASCO reserves the right to assess fees for the provision of ASCO Information. ASCO also is interested in collaborating with researchers in studies helping to support cancer policy initiatives, advance the practice of oncology, and improve the quality and efficiency of cancer care.

The request review process is managed by the ASCO Center for Research and Analytics (CENTRA). CENTRA’s mission is to conquer cancer by generating, integrating, analyzing, and sharing oncology data to foster innovation in research and patient care.

Available Data

The repository currently includes several types of ASCO information (e.g., meeting abstracts, surveys, ASCO Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) data, etc.) and will eventually include datasets from the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) study. CancerLinQ maintains a separate data request process and interested parties should submit a request using this form. For more details, see the ASCO Information List.

What are the steps for accessing ASCO information for research?

Step 1: Submit Request

  • Complete and upload the application (see below)

Step 2: Review of Application

  • Information availability and sufficiency check
  • If requested information is available, ASCO will determine whether request is consistent with ASCO’s Information Sharing Policy
  • Evaluation of the request conducted by ASCO Information Sharing Committee based on scientific merit, qualifications of the research team, concordance with ASCO mission and priorities and other criteria listed in the policy or determined by ASCO.
  • At any time, ASCO may request additional information from the applicant

Step 3: Decision, Contract & Fulfillment

  • ASCO notifies applicant of decision if request approved or denied
  • If request is approved, ASCO sends applicant draft Data Use Agreement and estimated fulfillment cost
  • Requested information will be provided once Data Use Agreement is signed and payment is received

To Request Data

Interested parties should email any questions. All data requests must be made through the CENTRA application process and are subject to review by ASCO. ASCO will make reasonable efforts to evaluate all compliant requests. ASCO retains sole discretion as to whether or not to fulfill requests. ASCO does not guarantee fulfillment of any specific requests.