A growing number of electronic tools are available that allow data collection directly from the patient. Inclusion of a particular resource below should not be interpreted as formal endorsement by ASCO.

American Medical Association: Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Family health history resources including prenatal genetic screening questionnaire, pediatric clinical genetics questionnaire, and adult family history form.

Cancer.Net Cancer Family History Questionnaire
A user-friendly form that can be used to collect and discuss a patient's cancer family history, based on ASCO's recommendations for a minimum adequate family history for cancer patients.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Family Health History: Family history collection tools and background information

Genetic Alliance
Does it Run in the Family? Toolkit available in English and Spanish; A Guide to Family History available in Chinese; customizable booklets for family, organization or community

Extensive family cancer history assessment using peer-reviewed algorithms

The National Archives
Resources for genealogists/family historians

National Society of Genetic Counselors
Instructions for collecting family history and pedigree nomenclature

National Institutes of Health, State-of-the-Science Conference: Family History and Improving Health
Expert assessment of family history in primary care

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Surgeon General’s Family Health History Initiative