Were You Invited to Take AMA RUC Survey on Consultations and Evaluation and Management Services, Discharge Services, and Prolonged Evaluation and Management Services?

November 4, 2021

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) members who are practicing oncologists may have recently received an email inviting them to participate in an American Medical Association’s (AMA) Specialty Society Relative Value Scale (RVS) Update Committee (RUC) survey. This important survey will help ASCO, in collaboration with the RUC, recommend relative value units to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the following services:  

  • Inpatient and Observation Consultation Services (CPT Codes 99252-99255)
  • Initial and Subsequent Inpatient or Observation Care E/M Services (99221-99223 and 99231-99233)
  • Hospital Inpatient or Observation Discharge Services (CPT Codes 99238 and 99239)
  • Prolonged Service on the Date of an Inpatient and Observation Evaluation and Management Service (New CPT code 993X0)

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) guidelines and descriptors for these services are about to undergo significant revisions that will be implemented in 2023, including (but not limited to):

Code Level Selection: Similar to the 2021 update to the guidelines for office and outpatient Evaluation & Management (E&M) services, code level selection for consultations and inpatient or observation care services will be based on either medical decision making or total time.

Combination of Inpatient and Observation Evaluation and Management Services: Inpatient and Observation Evaluation and Management (Initial and Subsequent services) will be grouped into one code set entitled “Inpatient or Observation Care.”

Prolonged Service: A new CPT code has been created to describe a 15-minute Prolonged Service in the Inpatient or Observation setting.

Participants should be sure to read the updated CPT guidelines and code descriptors included in the survey email before taking the survey.

Links to the surveys, with the new guidelines, will be provided in emails from noreply@qemailserver.com. Please note the email may be in junk or spam inboxes. The survey for 993X0 will be open until Thursday, November 11 and the surveys for the inpatient and observation services (E/M, discharges, and consultations) will be open until Monday, November 15.

To ensure integrity of the data, we ask participants not to collaborate with any other physicians on responses to the physician work portion of the surveys. For questions or assistance with the surveys, please contact ASCO staff at billingandcoding@asco.org.

For more information on the RUC survey process, please watch this video.

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