ASCO offers a variety of membership categories and member dues structures designed to fit your career stage and specific needs. Our online application will determine which categories you qualify for and allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Membership will connect you to a global network of elite oncology professionals, amplify your oncology voice by providing policy and advocacy support, and provide savings and access to member benefits. The unique knowledge and experience each of our members bring the highest quality resources in education, policy, the pioneering of clinical research and above all, advancing the care for patients with cancer.

Please note that ASCO membership is not available to physicians or others who are employed or primarily consult in the fields of sales, marketing, financial planning and analysis, business development, or the media. Please see below for a list of all member categories, the annual member dues, and any associated initiation fees.

2019 Membership Categories and Member Dues Rates

Full Member

$620 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Full Member Early Career


Full Member in Developing Countries

$210, $175, or $50 based on World Bank List of Economies classification

Allied Physician/Doctoral Scientist

$190 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Affiliated Health Professional

$150 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Advanced Practice Provider

$150 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Practice Administrator

$150 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Patient Advocate

$150 + a one-time $35 initiation fee

Member in Training