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Apply to our Virtual Mentors Program to be paired with a senior ASCO member mentor!

Applications are closed: Opens Fall 2018

This program pairs early-career ASCO members with a mentor outside of their country or region. Mentors and mentees communicate via virtual technology, such as email, phone, and video-conferencing.

Recent oncology trainees joining the workforce face many challenges in their professional lives. These challenges can impact the new doctors’ professional development and career path significantly. After years of being nurtured and guided by teachers and advisors, these new oncologists are expected to become independent professionals. Mentors from within and outside trainees’ institutions can play major roles in helping trainees develop their clinical and research interests and take the first steps towards fulfilling their career goals.

Mentor Profile

Mentors who participate in the Virtual Mentors Program:

  • Are ASCO members
  • Typically have at least ten years of oncology experience
  • Have shown an interest in participating as a mentor in ASCO’s international programs
  • Interested in being a mentor? Please register through the ASCO Volunteer Portal, the dedicated website for volunteer information. Click here to login with your username and password.

Mentee Eligibility

Applicants must be:

  1.  ASCO Members (or submit a membership application in conjunction with filling out the online application). Eligible member types include Members in Training and Full Members (including those who pay discounted dues and fall into international categories). 
  2. Less than ten years past their oncology program training.
  3. Training or practicing in a country outside the United States.
  4. Fluent in English (both writing and speaking).
  5. Committed to dedicating time each month to participate in mentoring experience.
  6. Have a demonstrated interest in being mentored.
  7. Have an aptitude for professional development, as indicated by CV.
  8. Please note: due to the fact that we are working with a specific number of mentors and staff resources are limited, we are not able to offer this program to any past IDEA or IDEA-PC recipients at this time.

Application Process and Instructions

Once ASCO receives a request for a mentor from an applicant, the application will be reviewed. If approved, ASCO Staff will work to find a mentor who matches the applicant’s professional interests. Every effort will be made to match mentee applicants with a suitable mentor. However, it is conceivable that this may not always be possible.

If an applicant is accepted, and a mentor match is made, ASCO staff will then introduce the pair via email and will host a call to introduce the mentor and mentee to one other. Following this initial introduction, the mentor and mentee are expected to organize their communications and collaboration, largely independent of ASCO. The pair will be encouraged to be in contact at least once a month for a period of one year. Mentees will be responsible for initiating communication, scheduling virtual meetings with their mentors, and establishing how the meetings will take place (by phone, Skype, etc.).

ASCO staff will check on the progress of the communications. In addition, ASCO will share Virtual Mentor tools, such as the Mentoring Plan, in order to assist the mentee in defining short-term objectives. ASCO will also help to devise a timeline of activities to help the mentee achieve these objectives.  

Read more about the Virtual Mentor program in the ASCO Connection article, "A Mentor in the U.S. and a Mentee in India Discuss Breast Cancer Cases Over the Phone—and in Person: An ASCO Virtual Mentor Program Experience."