Two female doctors at the ICC in Honduras in 2013

International Cancer Corps, Honduras

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The International Cancer Corps’ (ICC) mission is to improve the quality of cancer care at medical institutions in LMICs by providing education and training to clinical staff by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Association for Clinical Oncology member volunteers. The training is comprised of a standard curriculum that is adapted to the participating medical institution to support multidisciplinary management of common cancers, integration of palliative care, and the use of evidence-based quality measures.

There are seven sites currently accepting volunteers. To apply, submit an application to join our Volunteer Corps.

Institution Location Specialty Needed In Collaboration With
National Referral Hospital Thimphu, Bhutan Palliative Care (Nurses or Physicians) Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
Hospital San Felipe, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
Surgical Oncologists Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh, India Oncology Nurses  
Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Kathmandu, Nepal Surgical Oncologists and Gynecologic Oncologists Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) Kathmandu, Nepal Medical Oncologists Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
Uganda Cancer Institute Kampala, Uganda Gynecologic Oncologists Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
National Cancer Hospital Hanoi, Vietnam Medical, Surgical, and Radiation Oncologists Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)

ASCO’s ICC provides an opportunity to strengthen cancer care in medical centers in low-resource countries. By volunteering for the education and training programs, oncology professionals can share their medical expertise and build long-term, supportive relationships with clinicians in these countries.

ASCO pairs eligible oncology professionals with a medical center whose needs match the expertise of the volunteer. Volunteers spend one to four weeks onsite. During that time, volunteers teach and train staff, residents, and students and gain insight into the center’s cancer management needs and challenges.

Volunteers must be appropriately trained and credentialed medical professionals who specialize in oncology. This includes physicians (medical, radiation, and surgical oncology, among other specialists), laboratory professionals, and nurses. Final-year oncology fellows will be accepted if paired with an experienced volunteer.

Members interested in learning more about volunteering for the ICC should send an email to the International Programs team.