Quality Care Symposium Press Program Features Abstracts on Cost of Cancer Care and Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

September 4, 2019

Four abstracts are being featured in the press program for the 2019 Quality Care Symposium, which takes place September 6–7 in San Diego. 

The featured studies focus on two different topics: 

  • Cost of cancer care: As the nation grapples with the high costs of cancer care, two new studies explore varying aspects of these costs: the barriers created by high drug costs and the prior authorization process. The studies respectively examine how the high out-of-pocket costs for oral cancer therapy impact overall survival rates and demonstrate how a successful collaboration between a health system and a commercial payor can streamline the prior authorization process and get patients into treatment more quickly. 

  • Patient participation in clinical trials: Two new studies examine different issues related to patient participation in clinical trials. One study investigates the relationship between participation in a clinical trial and overall survival in patients with advanced lung cancer. The second study discovers and explores a discrepancy between providers’ and patients’ perceived barriers to clinical trial participation. 

Listen to ASCO Experts Merry-Jennifer Markham, MD, FACP, and Neeraj Agarwal, MD, discuss these two clinical trial-related studies on a Cancer.Net podcast

Abstracts presented at the Quality Care Symposium focus on efforts to improve the quality of care for patients with cancer. 

All abstracts are now publicly available at abstracts.asco.org