New NCI Report Highlights Global Oncology Efforts

July 23, 2019

A new report from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), produced in collaboration with ASCO, details the scale and breadth of global oncology activities conducted around the world by 70 NCI-designated cancer centers.

The 2018-2019 Global Oncology Survey of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers Summary Report is the first of its kind to highlight non-NIH-funded global oncology programs and global oncology projects led by NCI-designated cancer centers with international collaborators. The report is intended to serve as a resource for the global oncology community to spark discussion, facilitate collaboration and inform future NCI-supported work.

With more than one-third of ASCO members practicing outside the United States, ASCO has evolved its work to reflect how cancer is an increasingly global disease. ASCO’s Academic Global Oncology Task Force collaborated with NCI on this initiative to help provide greater insight into the magnitude of non-NIH-funded global oncology activities taking place. The report’s findings demonstrate a shared vision for reducing the global burden of cancer, regardless of geographic location.

The NCI currently funds more than 800 global oncology projects at NCI-designated cancer centers. Among survey respondents, 87% of cancer centers reported one or more non-NIH-funded global oncology projects, most of which focus on research, capacity building and training. Projects included collaborations with 110 countries, and 17 of the most frequently collaborating countries were low- and middle-income countries.

Researchers and institutions are encouraged to use the report as a tool to provide more detailed information about cancer center projects, including locations, scope, type, and collaborating organizations. Read the full report or check out more information about ASCO’s international programs.