Join a Day of Action Supporting Greater Clinical Trial Access for Patients with Medicaid

September 24, 2019

On September 24, ASCO will host a Day of Action to increase awareness of the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act (H.R. 913). The bill would guarantee coverage of the routine care costs of clinical trial participation for Medicaid enrollees with a life-threatening condition—potentially expanding access to 42.2 million Americans.

ASCO will be on Capitol Hill for its annual Advocacy Summit on September 25-26 to urge support for cancer policy priorities. H.R. 913 will be a priority ask during advocate meetings with Members of Congress and staff.

ASCO members across the country can support these advocacy efforts by:

  • Urging your lawmakers to support Medicaid coverage of routine care costs in clinical trials. ASCO’s ACT Network provides draft language that you can tailor and send to Members of Congress.
  • Posting on social media to increase awareness of this important issue. Draft social media content is available below. Please use #ClinicalTrialAccess in all social media content about the bill.
    • A person’s income shouldn’t dictate whether they can access a clinical trial. We're calling on Congress to pass the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act and put clinical trials within reach of millions of patients on Medicaid. #ClinicalTrialAccess
    • We can improve the quality of medical research and reduce disparities at the same time. Congress, pass the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act and give every patient the opportunity to access new treatments and participate in research. #ClinicalTrialAccess
    • Clinical trials often provide the best – and sometimes only—treatment option for patients. All patients with life-threatening diseases need #ClinicalTrialAccess. #Congress, please pass the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act.

Learn more about the CLINICAL TREATMENT Act and clinical trial coverage under Medicaid.

Download an infographic about the bill.

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