New Content Collection in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics Examines Decision Making in Oncology

February 11, 2019

On February 11, JCO CCI Clinical Cancer Informatics (JCO CCI) published its third special collection of articles, this one on the topic of “Decision Making in Oncology.” This collection examines decision making in oncology and the benefits and challenges of various tools and methods. As the collection’s Guest Editor Paul Martin Putora, MD, PhD, MA, BSc, states in his introduction, “This collection provides little trips into the vast field of decision making in oncology. Hopefully, it will inspire interest and provoke submissions related to this topic.”

The collection examines various aspects of decision making in oncology, including how best to keep patients at the center of the process, the quality of the tools available to patients and providers, and the limitations of such tools.

Dr. Putora cautions that while considering all of the opportunities and challenges that big data and artificial intelligence bring, those in the oncology field “must equally pay attention to a basic process at the core of oncology – how we make decisions” because it is the center of the quality of care: “Decision making influences the availability of treatment options, patient satisfaction, oncological outcomes and the efficient use of resources.”

The invited reviews in the “Decision Making in Oncology” collection bring to readers, as Dr. Putora states, “a few of the many aspects of decision making in oncology”:

By publishing this collection, JCO CCI is putting into practice its mission of being an interdisciplinary journal publishing clinically relevant research. The editors hope that this will lead to further discussion in this important topic area—decision making in oncology—that can further impact the quality of care for patients with cancer. As Dr. Putora states in his overview to the collection, “The science of decision making is multidisciplinary by nature. Input from economy, neuro-science, statistics, game theory, psychology, informatics and other disciplines helps shape our understanding of decision making.”

Read the full collection of articles.