ASCO State Affiliate Council Chair Highlights State Policy Priorities for 2019

January 28, 2019

On January 28, the ASCO Connection published a blog by ASCO’s State Affiliate Council chair Elizabeth Blanchard, MD, detailing the cancer policy priorities ASCO’s state affiliate associations will focus on in 2019.  Many of the priorities build on the activities from the past year, including access to opioids for cancer patients, utilization management, and fertility preservation. 

“With so much attention focused on the activities of Congress, the White House, and federal agencies, it’s easy for folks to lose track of what’s happening in their own state,” says Dr. Blanchard. “However, individual state governments play a significant role in setting health policy by regulating health care providers, insurance companies, and state Medicaid programs, as well as by serving as laboratories for health policy.” 

ASCO has developed resources to help its members make their voices heard in their own states. Learn more about the state legislative process, track legislative activity in your state, and send messages directly to your state representatives via the ACT Network. You can also learn more about ASCO’s state advocacy activities by bookmarking ASCO in Action.