ASCO Recommends Cancer Moonshot Initiative Leverage Innovative Advances in Technology

June 28, 2016

On June 28, ASCO submitted recommendations on how the National Cancer Institute (NCI) should engage in the Obama Administration’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative. In a comment letter to the NCI Blue Ribbon Panel, a working group of the presidentially appointed NCI National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB), ASCO President Daniel F. Hayes, MD, FASCO, urged the panel to leverage innovative advances in technology that will provide game-changing platforms and alter the trajectory of cancer research, especially emphasizing the following three areas:

  • Enhanced access to clinical outcomes databases, like ASCO’s CancerLinQ, to help learn from all cancer patients throughout the cancer continuum.
  • A sustained and well-funded national cancer research system and a clinical research infrastructure that brings trials to patients as they are identified at the point of care, such as ASCO’s Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) study is designed to do.
  • Use of digital technology and mobile devices to better incorporate patient-reported outcomes (PRO) tools into clinical trials and ensure that researchers collect outcomes that are meaningful to patient selection of therapy.

Additional ASCO recommendations addressed the following research needs:

  • Population-wide implementation of evidence-based cancer prevention;
  • Clinical trial accrual and the representativeness of research participants;
  • Research to guide effective survivorship care;
  • Patient-reported outcomes and additional types of toxicity assessments for measuring effectiveness and harms of cancer treatments;
  • Incorporating real-world evidence to enable learning from every cancer patient;
  • Biomarker development and validation;
  • Determining effective ways to improve processes associated with conducting and managing clinical trials; and
  • Dissemination and implementation research on cancer care delivery.

Stakeholder recommendations will be reviewed by the Blue Ribbon Panel over the next month, and the Panel will submit final recommendations to the NCI National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) in August.

Read the full set of ASCO recommendations.

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