ASCO in Action Podcast Series Launches with Discussion on Ethnic and Racial Diversity in the Oncology Workforce

January 22, 2018

ASCO published its first ASCO in Action Podcast, hosted by ASCO CEO Dr. Clifford Hudis and featuring Dr. Karen Winkfield who discusses ethnic and racial diversity in the oncology workforce, and ASCO’s strategic plan for addressing this issue.  

Dr. Winkfield is a radiation oncologist at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina and immediate past chair of ASCO’s Health Disparities Committee. She joined Dr. Hudis for ASCO in Action’s new podcast series to examine the issues surrounding the lack of diversity in the oncology workforce and the steps needed to change the current environment.

During the podcast, Dr. Winkfield underscores the need to think beyond the doctor’s office for solutions to the issue and why it’s important to get involved. “Business has understood for a very long time that diversity breeds innovation,” she said. “The more diverse the population around the table, the more innovative strategies we can have.”

Click here to listen to the full discussion on ethnic and racial diversity in the oncology workforce. You can also listen and subscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes and Google Play.