Live to Conquer Cancer

Cancer treatment advances are transforming cancer care and giving hope to the millions of Americans who face a cancer diagnosis each year. This progress would not be possible without the strong support provided by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the passionate work of cancer researchers who are finding new ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat cancer to improve outcomes for people with cancer.

Through the “I Live to Conquer CancerTM” campaign, ASCO is putting a human face on those who have dedicated their lives to clinical cancer research and the patients who inspire them to continue their work against cancer.

We invite you to join this campaign to help create a steady drumbeat on the importance of federal funding for cancer research.

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Oncologists Ezra Cohen, MD, FASCO; Hyman Muss, MD, FASCO; Noelle LoConte, MD; Mark A. O'Rourke, MD; and Lidia Schipira, MD, FASCO discuss why they live to conquer cancer and the hope that clinical trials give to finding a cure for this disease.

Oncologists Ezra Cohen, MD, FASCO; Noelle LoConte, MD; Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO; Jyoti D. Patel, MD, FASCO; and patient advocate Patty Spears discuss what motivates them to conquer cancer.

Alan P. Lyss, MD, an oncologist at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Heartland Cancer Research NCORP, highlights the importance of bringing cutting-edge cancer research to rural communities.

Judith S. Kaur, MD, an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Jacksonville, FL – and the first recipient of ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award – talks about her pioneering work against cancer.

Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, MD, FACP, an oncologist and hematologist at Baptist Cancer Center in Memphis, TN, speaks about the devastating impact of lung cancer and why he’s motivated to continue his work against cancer.

Tara Henderson, MD, MPH, a pediatric oncologist at the University of Chicago Medicine, talks about how research to treat childhood cancers has helped create one of the greatest success stories in medicine.


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