If you participate in ASCO’s Automatic Dues Renewal Program, we will automatically renew your membership each year (on the first day of your membership expiration month) using the credit card you provided in your most current membership transaction.

The Automatic Dues Renewal process occurs as follows:

  • You will be notified, via email, approximately four months in advance of your membership expiration date, if you wish to update your card or opt-out of the Automatic Dues Renewal program, you may notify us at this time
  • On the first day of your membership expiration month, you will be charged using the credit card information that has been saved in a secure and encrypted file from your most recent membership transaction.
  • If your credit card has expired or if we encounter difficulties while trying to process your card on file, we will contact you by email
  • Upon successfully completing the credit card purchase, your membership will be immediately renewed and you will receive an email confirmation.

Auto Dues Renewal is only available as an annual process. Members who have selected the option to pay for two or three years of membership may enroll and will initially be charged at the multi-year discount rate and will be charged annually at the one-year rate after their multi-year membership term has expired.

You may make changes to your membership/journals or opt out of the Automatic Dues Renewal Program at any time by contacting Member Services Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EDT at 703-299-0158, 888-282-2552, or via email at customerservice@asco.org.