In the new performance category of Improvement Activities for 2017, CMS rewards clinicians for care focused on care coordination, beneficiary engagement, and patient safety. 

Below are links to 40 projects completed in the Quality Training Program to share expertise and provide ideas for others seeking to improve quality of patient care. All the project presentations use the same framework, stating

  • the name of the organization and the individuals completing the work,
  • the project problem statement and aim (goal),
  • interventions, and
  • baseline data and results (where available).

In this list, each project has been assigned a primary category (such as Care Coordination or Patient Safety) and secondary categories as appropriate. 

Care Coordination 

Project: Creation of a Cross Functional Care Team to Develop Individualized Care Plans in High Utilize Oncology Patients, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2016

Subcategory: Hospital Readmission Prevention


Project: Wilmot Cancer Institute Ambulatory Treatment Handoff ProjectWilmot Cancer Institute, 2016

Subcategory: Patient Safety


Project: Reducing Emergency Room Visits in Patients Receiving IV Chemotherapy Using Care Coordination, Tennessee Oncology,  2016

Patient Safety 

Project: Improvement of Treatment Toxicity Grading According to the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)Contemporary Oncology Team, 2016

Subcategory: Treatment Toxicity, Documentation Improvement


Project: Reduction of Invasive Fungal Infections in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Undergoing Induction or Re-induction Chemotherapy, University of Virginia Health System- Mohammed A Naeem, MD, PhD, 2016

Oral Chemotherapy

Project: Improving Oral Chemotherapy Fulfillment Processes and Implementation of a Pharmacist-Managed Oral Chemotherapy Follow-Up ProgramCone Health Cancer Center at Alamance Regional, 2015

Subcategory: On-time Treatment Delivery


Project: Oral Anticancer Medication Adherence, Grady Health System, 2016

Subcategory: Treatment Adherence

Documentation Improvement

Project: Improving Plan of Care Documentation in Pain Management, JPS Health Network Center for Cancer Care, 2016

Subcategory: Pain Management


Project: Improving Oral Chemotherapy Documentation in the Breast Medical Oncology Outpatient Practice, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 2016

Subcategory: Oral Chemotherapy 


Project: Providing Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan to Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients Beyond Their Initial Therapy in a smaller community-based practice set-upThe Jones Cancer Clinic, 2015

Subcategory: Patient Education


Project: Improving the Consenting and Education Process for Patients Starting on Oral Oncology MedicationsMary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center, 2015

Subcategory: Patient Education, Patient Safety, Oral Chemotherapy, Treatment Adherence                


Project Title: Improving Documentation of Pain Management at MedStar Washington Cancer Institute, MedStar Washington Cancer Institute, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Pain Management


Project: MD Epic Documentation for Colon Cancer, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, 2013/2014


Project: Improving Advance Care Planning and Documentation for UICC Patients , University of Illinois Cancer Center (UICC), 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Experience, Advance Care Planning


Project: Improving Advanced Directive Discussion and Documentation in Thoracic Oncology Patients, The Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at  New York University Langone, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Experience, Advance Care Planning


Project: Improving Documentation for Oral Chemotherapy at Trillium Health Partners, Trillium Health Partners, 2013

Subcategory: Oral Chemotherapy, Patient Safety


Project: Improving Phone Triage System for Oncology Outpatients, University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center, 2013/2014


Project: Implementation of a Written Chemotherapy Consent from Zero to Compliant in 6 Months, West Virginia University & Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Safety, Patient Experience


Project: Oral Capecitabine Documentation in the Electronic Medical Record Flow sheet, Yolanda G. Barco Oncology Institute, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Oral Chemotherapy, Patient Safety

Process Improvement

Project: Increasing on Time Treatment Time Delivery In Radiation MedicineOregon Health and Science University, 2016

Subcategory: On-time Treatment Delivery, Radiation Therapy

Patient Access

Project: Improving New Patient Access by Decreasing Missed Appointments to First VisitParkland Hospital and Health Systems, 2016

Subcategory: Process Improvement

Patient Education

Project: Decreasing the Risk of Financial Toxicity in an Ambulatory Oncology Practice, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Kellogg Cancer Center, 2016

Subcategory: Drug Costs


Project: Improve Optimal Treatment in Head & Neck Cancer Patients, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Process Improvement, Symptom Management

Supportive Care

Project: Incorporating Emotional Distress Tool for Cancer Treatment Patients , Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care, 2016

Subcategory: Emotional Distress, Documentation Improvement, Distress Screening Tool


Project: Improving Adherence With Oral Antiemetic Agents in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving ChemotherapyCenter for Breast Health, 2013/2014


Project: Improving the use of Pegfilgrastim in Lung Cancer Patients at the Taussig Cancer Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Process Improvement

ER Visit Reduction

Project: Reduction of Oncology Patients Visits to The Emergency Room, Memorial Cancer Institute, 2015

Subcategory: Process Improvement


Project: Patient Centered Cancer Care Assess & Reduce Preventable Emergency Department Visits,The Comprehensive Cancer Center of Rhode Island Hospital, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Education, Process Improvement


Project: Reducing Emergency Room Visits in Patients Receiving IV Chemotherapy Using Care Coordination, Tennessee Oncology, 2016

Subcategory: Care Coordination

Patient Experience

Project: A Multidisciplinary Effort to Decrease Time from Admission to Chemotherapy on an Inpatient Oncology Unit, University of Virginia Health System-Louise Man, MD, 2016

Subcategory: On-time Treatment Delivery


Project: Reducing the Percent of ICU Deaths of Patients With Advanced Cancer at Stanford Health Care, Stanford Cancer Center, 2015

Subcategory: Process Improvement, Decrease in ICU deaths


Project: Total Lab TimesClearview Cancer Institute, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Experience, Process Improvement

Patient Safety

Project: Reduction of Invasive Fungal Infections in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Undergoing Induction or Re-induction Chemotherapy, University of Virginia Health System-Mohammed A Naeem, MD, PhD, 2016

Subcategory: Infection Reduction

Telephone Triage

Project: Redesign the Triage Workflow to Align With the RN Role by Redirecting Non-Triage Calls, New Mexico Cancer Care/CHRISTUS St Vincent Regional Cancer Center, 2015

Subcategory: Process Improvement


Project: Utilizing a Case Management System to Reduce the Response Time for Symptom Management Calls, Tennessee Oncology, 2015

Subcategory: Process Improvement, Patient Safety, Patient Experience


Project: Outpatient Oncology Office Telephone System Improvement Project, Regional Cancer Care Associates: Central Jersey Division, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Patient Experience

On-time Treatment Delivery

Project: Treatment of Febrile Neutropenia at the University of Virginia, University of Virginia, Emily Couric Cancer Center, 2015

Subcategory: Patient Safety


Project: Reduction of Time from Admission to Initiation of Chemotherapy on Inpatient Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Services, University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, 2015

Subcategory: Patient Safety, Patient Experience

Emotional Distress

Project: Incorporating Distress Screening Tool in an Oncology Office Setting, University Oncology, 2015

Subcategory: Distress Screening Tool, Documentation Improvement, Supportive Care


Project: Emotional Distress Assessment and Management Initiative, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, 2013/2014

Subcategory: Distress Screening Tool