Quality Training Program

As the leading oncology quality improvement (QI) course, ASCO’s Quality Training Program:

  • Empowers practice teams to improve clinical care and operational performance
  • Teaches teams how to balance Quality improvement projects with demanding schedules and competing priorities 

The program prepares your oncology providers to design, implement, and lead successful QI activities in busy practice settings. ASCO's program was developed by oncologists and oncology care specialists for oncology practice teams.

The Quality Training Program includes access to renowned faculty and coaches during 5 focused days of in-person learning. During those 5 days, practice teams attend three sessions, which include seminars, case examples, and small group exercises. Learning then continues over 6 months of on-demand, remote coaching sessions. Your team will take its QI knowledge and skills to another level, accelerating change and improvement. 

How ASCO's Quality Training Program Benefits Your Practice

  • Enhances practical team skill-building with real-world clinical scenarios
  • Combines practice coaching/facilitation, peer-to-peer mentoring, and shared learning
  • Employs proven experiential learning techniques with a quality issue selected by your oncology team
  • Includes support when your team returns to their primary institutions
  • Helps teams prepare for a changing reimbursement environment based on quality

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"ASCO is the world’s largest and arguably most influential oncology organization… a dynamic organization that not only is advancing the frontiers of research, providing outstanding educational opportunities, and defining standards of practice for clinical care, but also influencing public policy."
Anees Chagpar, MD
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