The Quality Training Program is a 6-month program offering education and training for physician-led oncology teams.

The program prepares teams of oncology providers to design, implement, and lead successful quality improvement activities in their practice settings. ASCO’s program is developed by oncologists and oncology care specialists for oncology practice teams.

Course Structure

The program includes five days of in-person learning across three sessions, as well as hands-on learning at the participants’ practices. To ensure a well-rounded experience, sessions include seminars, case examples, and small group exercises. In 2017, for the first time, sessions will be held regionally, with next year’s locations being Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. The locations will change each year with a plan to add international locations in the future.

Two to four members of each team, including the team leader, must attend three sessions, with each session having two dates to choose from:

  • Session 1 (two days): April 5–6 or April 20–21, 2017
  • Session 2 (two days): June 28–29 or July 19–20, 2017
  • Session 3 (one day): October 4 or October 18, 2017.

Aside from meetings and coaching conference calls, teams will need to dedicate time and resources to complete their improvement project. By design, quality improvement requires an ongoing process. A structured and facilitated improvement project selected by each oncology team. This project enables teams to solve a problem in their own clinical setting, with guidance from experienced coaches.

Knowledge and Skills Acquired During the Course

Upon completing the course, participants will know how to:

  • Form a high-functioning improvement team
  • Identify clinical and operational targets for improvement
  • Plan and implement change strategies
  • Understand and use data for improvement
  • Track performance over time

Conducting projects at the teams’ practice sites delivers a great benefit, allowing the teams to immediately translate training into action to improve cancer care quality.