Quarterly Connections

ASCO’s Oncology Training Programs (OTP) Working Group of the Professional Development Committee developed an initiative to create additional networking opportunities for HemOnc and MedOnc Training Program Directors.  ASCO hosts quarterly video conference calls to keep the community of Program Directors engaged and connected throughout the year.  These calls provide an opportunity to share best practices, discuss hot topics and offer an open forum for questions.

These 1-hour video conference calls will typically be held in January, April, July, and November.  We will provide call information to Program Directors and Associate Program Directors via email and the monthly Program Director Newsletter.  We will periodically reach-out to the Program Director community to solicit topic suggestions and presenters.

Quarter 1 (January 30, 2017): Matching First-Year Fellows with Research Mentors

  • Speakers: Ann LaCasce, MD (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Kenneth Cohen, MD (University of Chicago)
  • Listen to the meeting recording here.

Quarter 2 (May 5, 2017): How to Give Feedback to Fellows Following the Clinical Competency Committee Evaluations

  • Speakers: Helen Chew, MD (UC Davis) and Laura Goff, MD (Vanderbilt University)
  •  Listen to the meeting recording here.

Quarter 3: (July 20, 2017): How to Handle Fellows Who are Struggling Along Their Path

  • Speakers: Jill Gilbert, MD (Vanderbilt University), Vida Passero, MD (University of Pittsburgh), and Cherian Verghese, MD (University of Toledo)
  • Listen to the meeting recording here.

Quarter 4: Date TBD

  • Topic and Speakers TBD

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questionstions.

Onsite Visits: Visit a Colleague, Observe & Learn

Onsite visits provide an opportunity for Training Program Directors to network and learn from one another. During an onsite visit, a Program Director spends a day at another Program Director’s home institution, providing the opportunity to observe a typical day, speak with key clinical faculty or trainees and see the ins and outs of another fellowship training program.

Willing to host visitors?

Please sign-up on our host list if you are willing to host a Program Director for a 1-day visit at your institution. 

At any time, if you need to permanently or temporarily remove yourself from the host list, please do so at your will.

How do I set-up or request a visit?

  • Go to the host list
  • Review the potential hosts
  • Contact the desired host directly to schedule a date and develop an agenda

General Recommendations for an Onsite Visit

  • ASCO will promote this opportunity, but will not provide funding or sponsorship
  • All expenses should be paid for by the visitor or the visitor’s institution
  • The hosting Program Director is encouraged to develop an agenda for the 1-day visitor
  • Potential activities or topics for the day include, but are not limited to:
    • Attending a clinical case conference
    • Meeting the assistant program directors, division chief, and CC Director
    • Meeting with the fellows
    • Attending a fellowship activity such as a “Research in Progress Meeting”
  • A 9 AM – 5 PM “schedule” is encouraged
  • Evening activities are not required but can be considered. Moreover, the host institution could take the visitor to dinner with a group of faculty and fellows
  • Successful and fruitful visits could be discussed at the Program Directors’ Retreat/Annual Meeting Program Directors’ Breakfast