Cancer Progress

The outlook for individuals with cancer is starkly different than 50 years ago. Today, people with some of the most common cancers routinely live for years after being diagnosed, and some cancers previously considered untreatable are responding to recent advances in precision medicine and immunotherapy.

Federally-funded research accounts for many of the biggest advances of the last several decades, such as establishing that human papillomavirus is a major cause of cervical cancer, developing a life-extending treatment that effectively targets an aggressive blood cancer, helping women survive breast cancer without disfiguring surgery, and proving that post-surgical chemotherapy can benefit patients with a range of cancers.

Cancer Progress provides a unique history of advances in cancer research and treatment—and expert perspectives on the future of care. The Cancer Progress Timeline chronicles important advances in cancer treatment and care over the last 45 years. This data-rich resource explores major milestones across the cancer field, as well as advances specific common cancers and types of treatments.

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