Cancer Quality Alliance

The Cancer Quality Alliance fosters collaboration among diverse stakeholders to improve cancer care quality. The Alliance seeks to encourage the sharing and implementation of measures, tools, and practical programs to improve quality.

Members of the Alliance include cancer care providers, patient advocacy groups, certifying and accrediting organizations, public and private payers, federal agencies, foundations, and others national organizations involved in improving the quality of cancer care.

The Alliance is co-chaired by Douglas Blayney, MD, a medical oncologist and past ASCO President, and Ellen Stovall, a Senior Health Policy Advisor for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

Blueprint for Quality Cancer Care

While many initiatives are underway that together promise to incrementally improve systems of care, a clear picture of what high quality cancer care would look like is missing. A major focus of the CQA is the Blueprint for a Better Cancer Care System, a set of five cancer care case studies that present examples of systems failures that occur in real life, interventions to overcome these failures, and action steps to be taken to achieve “best case” care. Together, the scenarios represent a “Blueprint” for action.

The Blueprint case studies convey a vision of the best cancer care imaginable and, at the same time, achievable. The case studies are available for use as teaching tools to give health care providers and patients descriptions of how the health care system should work to achieve the ultimate benefit for an individual living with, through, and beyond a diagnosis of cancer.

The Blueprint is published on CA Journal's website and in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue. To view the article and glossary, click here.