ASCO Consent Development Process

In 2006, responses obtained from oncology practices that participate in ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) indicated that practices would be more inclined to use a consent form for chemotherapy if they had a sample form to work from. Before taking on this project, ASCO had to consider whether it was feasible to provide a sample consent form for treatment that would meet the legal requirements for consent to treatment, which can vary from state to state. After researching the laws in all 50 states, ASCO staff concluded that most state laws are sufficiently uniform to allow us to provide a single template form, though in a minority of states these laws can vary significantly.

With this background, ASCO staff created an outline of what the template consent form might look like. A volunteer working group comprised of members of the Ethics Committee and the Quality of Care Committee was selected to further develop the language for the consent form, and to draft an article about appropriate uses of the sample form for publication in the Journal of Oncology Practice and on

Development Team
Jacqueline Casillas, MD - UCLA
Hans Grunwald, MD - Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Dianna Howard, MD - University of Kentucky
Mike Neuss, MD - Oncology/Hematology Care, Cincinnati OH
Kristen McNiff, MPH - ASCO Staff
Courtney Storm, JD, MBE - ASCO Staff 

Use of this consent template is entirely voluntary and does not imply ASCO’s endorsement of any physician practice, treatment regimen, or product. ASCO assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of this template, any changes made to this template by the user, or any errors or omissions.