ACCO - ASCO Core Curriculum Outline

Curriculum for Medical Oncology

The second edition of the ASCO Core Curriculum Outline (ACCO), an educational framework for the training of medical oncologists, was published in the Journal of Clincial Oncology in 2005 and is designed to serve as the gold standard for training cancer physicians in cancer treatment, research, and patient care.

Moreover, the second edition of the outline includes:

  • Recent scientific advances in medical technology to include sections on molecular oncology and genetic screening.
  • A comprehensive outline of the optimal management and treatment of 37 individual types of cancer by site.
  • Information on:

Tumor biology
Treatment and follow-up.

  • Formal instruction on various aspects of psychosocial issues related to cancer—not addressed in the first curriculum—that will become an integral part of the educational framework for the training of medical oncologists.
  • Psychological aspects of a cancer diagnosis, survivorship, geriatric oncology, and patient communication skills.

For the convenience of the training community, links to both a PDF of the JCO article and a downloadable Word document have been made available here:

History of the ASCO Core Curriculum

In 1998, the first iteration of this document was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (J. Clin. Oncol. 16:372-379) as the Medical Oncology Training Resource Document.

In 2003, Hyman Muss, MD, then Chair of ASCO’s Oncology Training Programs Committee, proposed an updating and reformatting of that original document. With the assistance of co-editor Jamie Von Roenn, MD, who at the time was Chair of ASCO’s Cancer Education Committee, this comprehensive outline on medical oncology was undertaken. They, and ASCO, are grateful to the many experts who have contributed to the creation and review of this document.