Media Advisory: Reporter Resources for Coverage of the 40th Anniversary of the National Cancer Act

December 11, 2011

Steve Hahn

December marks the 40th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, landmark legislation that led to major U.S. investments in cancer research that have spurred significant increases in survival and a revolution in our understanding of cancer. This week, the U.S. Senate will introduce a resolution that reaffirms the national commitment to understanding and controlling cancer.

But despite tremendous progress, cancer remains a formidable challenge, and the burden of the disease is projected to grow as the nation's population ages. Sustained investments - and new approaches to research - are urgently needed to accelerate the pace of progress as we enter a new era of highly personalized cancer medicine.

ASCO urges you to report on progress and challenges - and to draw on the Society's resources and spokespeople to inform your coverage. ASCO experts are available to discuss the significant milestones reached since the passage of the Act, and what the U.S. needs to do to accelerate progress.

ASCO also encourages you to check out its online resources for additional insights:

• CancerProgress.Net: The site provides a dynamic and interactive history of progress against cancer over the past forty years, together with expert perspective on remaining challenges and other useful tools. The central feature of the site - an interactive timeline of cancer advances for 14 different types of cancer - was developed under the guidance of an editorial board of 17 of the nation's leading oncologists.

• Accelerating Progress Against Cancer - ASCO's Blueprint for Transforming Clinical and Translational Research: This report lays out ASCO's recommendations for achieving a clinical and translational cancer research system that takes full advantage of today's scientific and technological opportunities. If bold action is taken to achieve ASCO's vision, we can realize major new advances in cancer prevention, detection and treatment and improve the care of patients.

• Clinical Cancer Advances: ASCO's Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer reviews the top research findings in 2011 and the cancer research that has had the greatest impact on patient care.

• ASCO's Cancer.Net: Comprehensive, oncologist-approved cancer information for patients and their families, covering over 100 different cancer types. Among other great resources, the site includes a new guide to cancer survivorship, addressing common challenges faced by the record number of cancer survivors (nearly 12 million) now living in the U.S.