2015 ASCO Annual Meeting

Visit the Annual Meeting Media Resource Center for the latest information about this year's meeting, including:  

  • Embargo and media policies
  • On-site registration and housing instructions
  • Frequently asked questions for media
  • Press releases and press briefing information

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ASCO's Expert Connect

Need an expert perspective on cancer science, policy, or patient care?

ASCO experts are impartial and knowledgeable on a wide variety of cancer topics. Expert Connect showcases a selection of the experts ASCO has available for media interviews. Learn more

ASCO Staff are also available to answer queries related to everything from ASCO's Annual and thematic meetings to legistative and regulatory issues. Contact the Media Team.

Obesity Media Resources

Mounting evidence has shown that obesity is linked to poorer outcomes among patients diagnosed with cancer. View information on ASCO's efforts to address obesity, both as a driver of new cancer cases and a complicating factor in cancer care, including:

  • A fact sheet on the science behind the obesity and cancer link
  • Infographic featuring statistics on obesity and cancer
  • Relevant ASCO announcements and statements
  • Information for your readers

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