Value in Cancer Care

ASCO Releases Value Framework

ASCO has released a conceptual framework for assessing the value of new cancer therapies based on treatment benefits, toxicities, and costs. The initial version of the ASCO Value Framework was published on June 22, 2015 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. An open comment period was held for all stakeholders to provide feedback through August 21, 2015, during which time more than 400 responses were received. Developed by the ASCO Value in Cancer Care Task Force, the framework will ultimately serve as the basis for user-friendly, standardized tools that physicians can use with their patients to discuss the relative value of new cancer therapies as compared with established treatments.

ASCO is very encouraged that substantive and thoughtful feedback has come from throughout the cancer community, including physicians, patients, patient advocates, payers, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, policy makers, and others. This robust feedback, especially from cancer patients and survivors, affirms that individuals with cancer want clear, transparent information about the clinical benefits, toxicities, and costs of different treatment options—information that could impact their treatment choices.The feedback ASCO receives will help guide future iterations of the value framework, which will form the basis of a user-friendly tool that physicians can use in the clinical setting to discuss cancer treatment options with their patients. 

Over the coming months, the ASCO Value in Cancer Care Task Force will review and thoughtfully consider all viewpoints and suggestions for improving the value framework, and decide what, if any, changes should be made to the overall methodology.  ASCO has ensured anonymity to all survey respondents, but—in an effort to be as transparent as possible—the Society hopes to be able to share common concerns and themes that have been expressed—and how ASCO plans to address them. Ultimately, ASCO’s goal in developing the value framework is to ensure that patients and their healthcare providers have all the information they need to make informed decisions that are most appropriate for an individual patient’s circumstances.

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