National Oncology Census

In 2014, more than 10,000 oncologists in community practices, hospitals and academic medical centers filled out the ASCO census, sharing information about the challenges they face every day. Data from that 2014 Census are chronicled in ASCO’s publication The State of Cancer Care in America: 2015.  Insights from that publication are now the driving force behind ASCO’s policy and advocacy efforts.

We thank those of you who participated in this critically important research initiative and welcome your involvement in the 2015 census.  With health care changing rapidly, it is vital that we keep information up to date, and your participation helps us collect comprehensive information on the cancer care delivery system.  Whether you are a new or returning participant, 2015 is a new opportunity to be counted!


The 2015 ASCO National Oncology Census is kicking off and the results will be used to identify continuing and emerging oncology clinical care trends over the entire oncology community.  The 2015 Census has been further streamlined for your convenience - all you have to do is answer just FIVE short questions, including:

Who needs to complete the census?

The census is filled out by practices and institutions, not by each oncologist at a site.

Check our participation list to see if your practice has already filled out the survey.

  • Type of practice
  • Number of physicians by each specialty
  • Number of advanced practice providers
  • Current payer mix
  • Number of new patients in the last 12 months 

In addition, if you need to pause the survey at any point, you can return to where you left off by visiting the survey again from the same computer.  Just make sure to submit your completed response prior to the noon, June 22 deadline. Information is only reported in the aggregate.

Don’t hesitate.  Be counted today!

You can also contact an ASCO empoyee who will personally fill out this survey for you at 571-483-1670.

Questions or concerns about this year's Census? Contact us at or

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