Diversification of the Clinical Trial Mix

Expand the diversity of trials available at the site by offering additional:

  1. Treatment Phases (e.g., phases I – III trials);
  2. Treatment types to reflect diversity of patient population (e.g., more diversified disease portfolio or broader mix of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy trials); 
  3. Other types of trials (including prevention, quality of life, symptom control, and correlative trials).

Article Topics:

Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research, NCI

OBBR, a division of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is dedicated to researching the impact of biospecimen processing studies, developing and distributing guidelines for biospecimen research, and developing new technology and standards for biorepositories.

Best Practice for Biospecimen Resources, NCI
These voluntary guidelines are available online for free and provide an outline of how to incorporate Best Practices into a site’s internal procedures. The guidelines are divided into two broad areas including “Technical and Operational Best Practices” and “Ethical, Legal, and Policy Best Practices.”