Chemotherapy Treatment Plan and Summaries

ASCO’s chemotherapy treatment plan and summary templates were developed to help improve documentation and coordination of cancer treatment and survivorship care. They are intended to facilitate provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient communication - the templates may be distributed to patients or providers as records of the care planned and received. Importantly, the treatment plan and summary are not intended to replace detailed chart documentation, including complete patient histories or chemotherapy flow sheets.

Below are all currently available treatment plans and summary templates. ASCO is preparing templates that capture these core elements for a variety of cancer diagnoses. All ASCO templates are published online in a modifiable format, allowing oncologists to customize and adapt them to suit their own practices; however, the core elements listed in Chemotherapy Treatment Plan and Summary Definitions define a treatment plan and treatment summary.  ASCO volunteer members continue to develop additional templates and make updates. Please visit this periodically to access new and updated templates.

The treatment summary is not intended to be, and should not be considered, a substitute for written or verbal communication, physical examination and history, or review of the complete medical record. Because the treatment summary will summarize parts of your patient’s medical record and treatment plan, it should be treated as confidential and used or disclosed only in accordance with federal and state privacy laws.

No single treatment plan or summary can be appropriate for all patients. Treating oncologists assume responsibility for tailoring the treatment summary to meet individual patient’s needs.

Use of the treatment summary is entirely voluntary. Use of this tool does not imply ASCO’s endorsement of any specific treatment or any product. ASCO is not responsible for any inaccurate or inappropriate use of the treatment summary.

Cancer-Specific Data Sharing Standards Improve Communication during Cancer Care

ASCO initiated work in 2012 to develop cancer-specific standards that will allow electronic sharing of information for improved quality and coordination of care.  The Health Information Technology Work Group (Health IT WG) is developing the standards, known as interoperability standards, through Health Level Seven® International (HL7) which is a certified standards developing organization focused exclusively on healthcare.  These oncology interoperability standards will allow electronic transmission of clinical cancer information between providers and patients agnostic to electronic health record vendor or application. The initial standards are based on ASCO’s original suite of Treatment Plan and Summary templates. Use of the standards will improve care for patients with cancer by providing more complete, timely, and accurate information to oncologists, specialists, primary care providers, and patients; this will also provide data for secondary uses, such as CancerLinQ, eQOPI, cancer registries, and research. Learn more about Cancer-Specific Data Sharing Standards.