ASCO's Research Blueprint

In a report, Accelerating Progress Against Cancer: ASCO’s Blueprint for Transforming Clinical and Translational Cancer Research, ASCO lays out its vision for transforming clinical and translational research to deliver more effective and personalized cancer therapies faster.

The report also articulates recommendations for achieving that vision over the next several years and ASCO’s commitment to enacting the recommendations.

ASCO’s Blueprint presents an achievable vision for the next decade, in which cancer research and patient care become significantly more targeted, more efficient and more effective. To help achieve this vision, the report provides real-world recommendations to policymakers and the cancer community, including ASCO, in three key areas:

  • Establish a new approach to therapeutic development, driven by our more thorough understanding of cancer biology and the advent of new technologies. 
  • Design smarter, faster clinical trials to provide evidence for effective treatments targeted to patients most likely to benefit, sooner.
  • Harness advances in health information technology to seamlessly integrate clinical research and patient care.

Over the next three years, ASCO plans to work with partners throughout the research community to develop more detailed plans of action for each of the three areas covered in this report.

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