ASCO Cancer Survivorship Compendium

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As an accompaniment to the educational opportunities and clinical-guidance ASCO offers on survivorship care, the Survivorship Care Compendium has been developed to serve as a repository of tools and resources to enable oncology providers to implement or improve survivorship care within their practices. Although ASCO endorses the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship definition of a cancer survivor as starting at the point of diagnosis, the focus of the information and resources offered throughout this compendium is on those individuals who have completed curative treatment or who have transitioned to maintenance or prophylactic therapy.

To browse the Survivorship Care Compendium, use the table of contents below:

Putting Survivorship Care into Practice

Additional Online Resources

Key Components of Survivorship Care

Building a Survivorship Care Program

Providing Survivorship Care in Practice

Measuring the Quality of Survivorship Care

Clinical Tools and Resources

Coverage & Reimbursement for Survivorship Care Services

Educational Opportunities

Patient and Family Resources

Research Resources

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