All available guidelines for this clinical area are available under the "Select a Guideline" heading. To access a specific guideline, simply click on the title. You may also use the integrated search bar to find guidelines that match your search term. Simply start typing in the search field, and the list of guidelines will filter automatically to display relevant results.

Clinical practice guidelines serve as a guide for doctors and outline appropriate methods of treatment and care. Guidelines can address specific clinical situations (disease-oriented) or use of approved medical products, procedures, or tests (modality-oriented). Annually, ASCO will review guideline topic proposals from ASCO members. Please access our survey to submit a topic.

ASCO guidelines are reviewed for their currency and validity on a regular basis. We note the current guideline status on each page as Valid, Under Review, Update in Progress, or Archived. Please find a brief description of these terms below:

  • Valid: The guideline was reviewed by the Expert Panel. The recommended care options continue to be accurate and valid.
  • Under Review: The guideline is currently being assessed by the Expert Panel: The status of the guideline and recommended care options may change as a result of the assessment.
  • Update in Progress: The Guideline is being updated. The recommended care options are likely to change as a result of the update.
  • Archived: The guideline recommended care options are no longer current or valid. This guideline should be used for historical purposes only.

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