Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses


Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses (MCMC) improve cancer care globally by promoting interdisciplinary cancer management. The courses focus on countries where non-specialists frequently provide cancer care, providing fundamental training to physicians, nurses, pathologists, and residents.

The MCMC teach multidisciplinary management of the most prevalent cancer types in the host country. These courses feature mock tumor boards and education on different aspects of treatment, from initial presentation to end of life care.Topics include breast, colon, anal canal, rectal, lung, prostate and head and neck cancers, among others. Other presentations are available for end-of-life care, clinical trials, prevention and screening, and more.

What our attendees are saying:
As a result of what I learned at MCMC...

  • “I have improved on my communication to patients about their illnesses and I am able to refer to the required specialist as soon as possible. I have also made sure that most challenging cases are discussed in tumor board meetings and no patient gets treatment without histology diagnosis."
  • “A palliative care clinic has been started at our clinic. I make sure that patient referral and diagnosis takes the least time to avoid disease progression to incurable stage.”
  • “I have made a dose adjustment of drugs basing on organ function and am doing pharmacovigilance.”
  • “I educated fellow staff members on the proper management of oncology patients.”

Courses in 2016

Date Location In Collaboration With:  
February 1-3, 2016 Eldoret, Kenya Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH)
March 19-20, 2016 Mumbai, India

Indian Society for Study of Lung Cancer (ISSLC)

April 6-7, 2016 Mauritius Victoria Hospital, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life
June 16-18, 2016 Vina Del Mar, Chile

Latin American Symposium of Urology Oncology and the Chilean Foundation for Development of Oncology

September 7-10, 2016 Cordoba, Argentina Federacion Latinoamerica de Sociedades de CancergologÍa (FLASCA)


  • Further best practices in the treatment of cancers common to locality
  • Encourage attendees to discuss cases with other specialists to develop treatment plans
  • Identify and achieve other learning goals specific to locality
  • Increased understanding of clinical research basics and how to evaluate research

"Train the Trainer" Program

"Train the Trainer" refers to the 1-2 day optional training workshop held before the MCMC program. The "Train the Trainer" program is designed to help participants:

  • Increase their understanding of multidisciplinary cancer care concepts;
  • Learn effective teaching methods and practical skills for course implementation;
  • Understand general teaching principles and elements of multidisciplinary treatment;
  • Discuss implementation strategies for the organization of their own trainings within their communities and institutions

Course Outcomes

MCMC Zimbabwe, 2015


  • 84% of respondents reported making practice changes one year later based on what they learned.
  • 89% of respondents reported increased participation in tumor boards or discussing treatment plans with other colleagues.
  • 80% of respondents are more confident in their ability to diagnose and treat patients with cancer and HIV lymphomas.
  • 89% of respondents said they were confident in their ability to communicate about a patient’s care with their colleagues.

Host a Course in Your Country

ASCO collaborates with organizations around the world to organize training courses to improve cancer patient care.  If your organization is interested in applying to host a Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course please contact