International Clinical Trials Workshops

The International Clinical Trials Workshops (ICTW) support cancer research in economically emerging countries through the development of clinicians' research skills in those countries.

The two-day workshops, organized in collaboration with a national or regional oncology society, are aimed at educating members of research teams on best practices of clinical trial implementation and joining globally accepted standards in the conduct of clinical research with a local perspective.

Workshop topics include: roles/responsibilities of research teams, patient accrual strategies, ethics, promoting clinical trials, sponsor perspectives, trial design, local and international regulatory issues, and publishing tips for research findings.

What our attendees are saying…

As a result of attending ICTW…

  • “I began to pay more attention to patients’ rights, data collection and organization.”
  • “I have improved [my efforts] in my prostate cancer trial, which is my postgraduate paper.”
  • “I have made changes to patients’ drugs access after the end of a study.”
  • “The knowledge I gained in ICTW changed my view on how to do research in molecular oncology... Definitely, ethical concepts and bureaucratic processes are more established and are relevant in all my research projects since its synthesis.”


  • Further best practices in the implementation of research programs
  • Increase understanding of local regulatory practices
  • Increase understanding of roles and responsibilities of research team members
  • Increased ability to communicate with patients the values of clinical research
  • Enhance networking opportunities among researchers

Workshop Outcomes:

Dr. Swain presenting at ICTW Brazil
  • 77% of respondents to the follow-up survey reported making practice changes based on what they learned.
  • 85% of respondents said participating at ICTW helped them better understand clinical research regulations.
  • 39% reported they have increased their involvement in research since the course.
  • 23% of respondents said they enrolled more patients in the past year.
  • 33% of respondents said they submitted a scientific paper for publication in the past year.

Clinical Trial Resources:

Host a Course in Your Country:

ASCO collaborates with organizations around the world to organize training courses that seek to improve cancer patient care within countries and across regions.  If your organization is interested in applying to ASCO to organize an International Clinical Trials Workshop, you can download the application form and funding request form.  Please send the completed application and all required attachments listed in the application form to  ASCO staff are available at to explain the application process and to answer any questions.  Thank you for your interest.