Federally Funded Cancer Research

Federal funding for cancer research has remained flat for more than a decade, and has decreased when adjusted for inflation. ASCO is urging the federal government to take bold new action to ensure the pace of progress is not stalled. 

Cancer Progress in Jeopardy: Stories From the Front Lines

What’s happening on the front lines in the laboratory and the clinic due to the shrinking federal funding for cancer research and clinical trials.

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Share Your Story! ASCO wants to hear your story about how the budget cuts at NIH are affecting your research. Email publicpolicy@asco.org.


Federally Funded Cancer Research Educational Series

ASCO has developed an educational series of articles that explores the decade-long decline in federal funding for cancer research—and why this decline must be reversed.


Click to view ASCO Chief Medical Officer Richard L. Schilsky and former ASCO President and clinical trials pioneer James F. Holland discussing the importance of a federally-funded clinical trials network.

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effect of stagnant budgets on cancer research.
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