Advocacy Tools

Policymakers, both local and national, make decisions every day that directly influence the treatment of patients with cancer and the research that drives this treatment. Oncologists are uniquely qualified to communicate with Congress and the Administration about effective policies for providing the best quality care to cancer patients. Establishing relationships with members of Congress is the first step in influencing the dialogue, and is easier than you think!

ASCO's Advocacy Tools provides tips and best practices to help you reach out to your members of Congress in a variety of ways, including through in-person meetings, site-visits and by communicating through emails and letters.

ASCO's ACT Network provides many different opportunities to become engaged in advocacy, including the ability to: join ASCO's ACT Network, send a message using the pre-drafted editable alerts, find phone numbers and mailing addresses for your elected officials, see how your member of Congress votes on the key issues, draft your own message to email or letter to your member of Congress.

By signing up to become a member of the ACT Network, you will join a group of passionate advocates that are helping to shape the future of oncology. No legislative advocacy experience is necessary; ASCO will provide the tools necessary to create and sustain these relationships. Once you sign up, you will receive timely updates on the latest congressional and regulatory activity and updates on emerging policy issues that interest you. Membership is open to all ASCO members.