Coding and Reimbursement Service

ASCO is pleased to offer to answer oncology-related coding, billing, and reimbursement questions. The service is an ASCO member benefit and provided free of charge to ASCO members and their practices. The service is also available to non-members for a minimal fee (charged per inquiry). Submit your question today.


Disclaimer: ASCO’s coding and reimbursement service provides general information about coding and reimbursement issues related to oncology services. Information provided is solely from publicly available resources, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and ASCO’s Practical Tips for the Oncology Practice. ASCO staff are not coding and billing consultants.

While an effort is made to provide helpful information, ASCO is not responsible for the coding of any claim. The information provided is not intended to maximize reimbursement by any payer. Reimbursement for medical products and services is affected by numerous factors, and can vary between payers, plans, and patients. It is always a provider's responsibility to determine and submit the appropriate codes, charges, and modifiers for products or services that are rendered. Providers should contact third-party payers for specific information on their coding, coverage, and payment policies. Information provided through the ASCO service should not be construed as an endorsement by ASCO of any product or service.