The State Affiliate Council was established in January 2012 to serve as an advisory group to ASCO’s Board of Directors on issues relating to ASCO’s State and Regional Affiliates and their members. The Council collaborates with and supports effective communication between the ASCO Board and ASCO’s domestic membership.

Role of the Council 

  • Identifies unaddressed needs and develops consensus for Board consideration
  • Disseminates information about ASCO’s public policy priorities to its membership
  • Responds to Board of Directors inquiries
  • Provides feedback to ASCO on draft policy statements


The next State Affiliate Council Meeting and Annual Election will be held on October 9, 2017 at ASCO Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Please contact 571-483-1547 for more information.

The following topics were covered at the most recent State Affiliate Council Meeting on April 7, 2017:

  • 2017-2018 Government Relation Committee's Priorities and the Forecast for Upcoming Congress and Administration
  • Developing State Advocacy: ASCO Resources and Tips
  • State Opioid Policy
  • ASCO Media Relations Support for State Advocacy
  • MACRA: Quality Payment Program and MIPS Reporting
  • Annual Affiliate Survey Highlights
  • What's Happening in the States? Emerging Issues

Last October, 2016, the Council’s Executive Subcommittee identified four priorities for the coming year. Those top priorities are:

  1. Safe handling of chemotherapy
  2. Part B Demo
  3. MACRA
  4. White-bagging

Please contact your State Affiliate Council Representative with any questions or concerns you may have about community, practice, or other emerging oncology issues.